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NetBox Ansible Collection: Platforms

2 minute read
netbox ansible cisco arista juniper

Platforms are an optional item when adding devices into NetBox. The platform is the OS that you are going to be using. Most often this is used to help identi...

NetBox Ansible Collection: Manufacturers

2 minute read
netbox ansible cisco arista juniper

Adding your manufacturers via code is the easy way to get started with your NetBox devices. Immediately after adding Sites, the next thing to get going when ...

NetBox Ansible Collection: Site Module

8 minute read
netbox ansible

This post dives into the NetBox Ansible Content Collection module to create/update a Site. As I start into this series on looking at the modules that create/...

NetBox Ansible Collection: Lookup Plugin

10 minute read
netbox ansible

The NetBox lookup plugin is to get information out of NetBox for use within Ansible. This uses pynetbox to query the NetBox API for the information requested...

NetBox Ansible Collection: Inventory - Starting Out

7 minute read
netbox ansible

The documentation can be found on ReadTheDocs. This is going to be starting out with the basics of the plugin and getting some sample output and to show how ...

NetBox Ansible Collection: Installation

5 minute read
netbox ansible

This is the first post as I start to look at the NetBox Ansible Collection. This is an impressive collection with modules for several of the NetBox applicati...

Jekyll - Adding a URL Redirection

3 minute read
blog jekyll

Recently I had some discussions with Nick Russo on some URL redirection changes he was making for his content. I’m not going to take any of his thunder of wh...